We aren’t the cheap video company next door. We are the long-term partner invested in your success. Through the proper planning, market analysis, and data driven creative approaches, we make sure that you are being seen in a positive and inspiring light.


There’s a reason we chose Emblem as our name. Every brand has an identity. Every company has an emotional investment. We peel back the layers that separate you from the rest of the world. It’s not “what you do”. It’s “how you emotionally connect with your customers”.


No two companies are exactly the same – so why are marketing steps always identical? Get out of the consistently ineffective loops that waste your time and money. We strategize outside the norm through creative flowcharts to reach your market’s thought zones.


Our award-winning, data-proven approach to video, pairs seamlessly with other marketing methods, increasing YOUR market share, YOUR brand recognition, and YOUR overall sales. If you’re looking for just a video, hire a videographer. If you’re looking for trackable results that continue to add to your future success, choose your Emblem.



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Emblem Media Inc. is an innovative strategic creative video marketing agency located northwest of Chicago, near O’Hare Airport. While most video companies focus on the production side – the filming and editing – we focus on the video process. Sure, we do the filming and editing too, but we pride ourselves on the strategy behind using video in a way that’s different than what everyone else is doing. This means not settling on YouTube as a way to slap video on your website and hope someone out there will see it. The vast majority of videos out there aren’t even geared towards the correct audience. Corporate videos with a talking CEO may highlight the company, yet these videos never get past the first layer of viewers; the current client. In the way the world operates today with social media and selfies, we understand it’s difficult to get away from the “me mentality”. Most of the videos online have the same messages: “Look at what we’ve done.”

We operate much differently. We pull the focus away from you and aim it towards the next layer of viewers, the target market of current non-clients. If you’re only reaching your current clients, you can only really upsell. What happens if one of those clients leaves for a competitor? Emblem takes the time to understand your business, the pain points, and the goals. Together, we’ll develop a long term strategy to use video correctly for your individual brand, rather than the typical band-aid video. Why are we consistently being referred and sought after? Because we’re invested in your success. We look to you as a partner and not just a project. We are strategic. We are creative. We are precise. And that’s why your business will be even more successful when we’re doing video correctly, together. Welcome to the Emblem family.


Brian Sly, Founder


Heather Keefe, Story Editor


Dave Stockton, Cinematographer


Bryce Conlan, Production Coordinator




Melisa De Rosiers, Storyboards & Illustrations


James Sly, Marketing Assistant

Marc Dostie

Marc Dostie, Technical Advisor


Ohio Medical:
Room Ready

Need: A single video designed to help explain a new service.
Analysis: An animated explainer video would help convey better than live action. But a single video can’t convey everything. We need to set up a series of videos that all speak to the same audience in different aspects of the business.
Response: “Our entire company is so excited to finally have a professional video! Everyone loved it”
Next Steps: We’re developing a long term plan to work around the new initiative with multiple videos for boosting awareness while increasing sales. The second video in the series is currently in production. Long term marketing assistance is in development as well.

The Option Eyes

Need: A website video to showcase new software. Screen captures have already been created.
Analysis: We need to make sure that the video highlights the software, while still setting up a foundation for future tutorial videos. Each video should have a consistent look and feel.
Response: “This looks really good and captures the essence of the software. We can’t wait to get going on the tutorials.”
Next Steps: Now that the overview video is done, it can be used to generate funding for the tutorial phase of the project. Phase one complete. Phase two coming soon!

Louvers International Product Series:

Need: Product videos
Analysis: Product videos should be used to help sales department while also providing complete specs for current clients to showcase the difference between products.
Response: (Emblem Media was hired to redo a project that was attempted by a different company) “These videos are so cool. I appreciate your dedication and patience to the project.” “They look sharp! We are all smiling over here watching them.”
Next Steps: Every quarter we plan on releasing more product videos to add to their library. Each release will be another they can send to current clients as both an update and an upsell.

A Closer Bond Dog Community

Need: A 30 second spot needs to be created from a 75 second spot already produced. And it needs to be formatted for a movie theatre screen.
Analysis: We need to reshoot phone footage with professional cameras at the correct specs. And we need to shrink the concept to include everything in half the time, while adding a call to action at the end. No easy task!
Response: “Awesome! Thank you for all your help. We look forward to working with you in the future.”
Next Steps: The movie theatre ad spot is completed at the end of September. We’ll discuss data after the numbers are in.

Have a drink with us! Since we develop long term strategies, it’s best for both parties to get to know one another. If you’re local, let’s meet for coffee or a beer. If you’re elsewhere in the country, grab your drink and give us a call. Schedule your free 30 minute exploratory session today.


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